Content Mapping

The Funnel Content Mapping Framework will help you define an outline of your message for each asset, on any phase of your content creation strategy. Following this simple process will help craft your marketing materials to directly support your customer’s journey, at every stage of your sales funnel.  I’ve broken this down into five phases for you: During the Discovery Phase content for your potential buyers should bring them through the “Unaware” to “Pain aware” phase. If planned and written correctly your visitors will begin considering your brand for solutions to their specific problem, which takes us to the Consideration Phase. The… Read More »Content Mapping

Automating Sales

Believe it or not, sales are the vital spark of an organization. As busy as we are, focusing on our business’s growth takes time and careful consideration. Why is it we tend to limit ourselves when it comes to automating crucial-growth-centered tasks and free-up ourselves to do what we do best, business?