Content Mapping

The Funnel Content Mapping Framework will help you define an outline of your message for each asset, on any phase of your content creation strategy. Following this simple process will help craft your marketing materials to directly support your customer’s journey, at every stage of your sales funnel. 

I’ve broken this down into five phases for you:

During the Discovery Phase content for your potential buyers should bring them through the “Unaware” to “Pain aware” phase. If planned and written correctly your visitors will begin considering your brand for solutions to their specific problem, which takes us to the Consideration Phase. The goal during this phase is to educate them on your solution and lead then on to the purchase. This is where they’re “most aware” of your brand’s core offer and decide to support and follow your journey.

Discovery Phase

  1. Unaware
  2. Pain aware
Consideration Phase
  1. Solution aware
  2. Product aware
Purchase Phase
  1. Most aware

This tool will help you understand what to create for your potential buyers based on what their experience is on any stage of your funnel. On each of the phases of your sales funnel, it is imperative to write a message that tackles their false beliefs, answers objections, and presents you as the best choice for resolving their particular problem. 

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